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Big Profits with Less Work!
You set the product prices(minimum $40 per cake and $24 per dozen cupcakes) to determine how much you make.  You typically make more in less time compared to other fundraisers.

Easy to Sell!
Sugaree's has a well established reputation - our cakes are so delicious they practically sell themselves!  Selling our minimum of 50 is a breeze!

More Chances to Earn $$$!
Sugaree's cakes aren't limited to one holiday season - they are great for many hoildays.  Sell them for Superbowl, Easter, Memorial Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or even for no occasion at all!

No Hidden Costs!
You can sell our minimum of  50 or 10,000, and your costs stay the same - no extra charges.

Everything You Need!
We provide you with beautiful, full-color selling brochures to make selling Sugaree's cakes and cupcakes as easy as they are delicious.

                                                               HOW A SUGAREE'S FUNDRAISER WORKS...

1. Register your organization on Sugaree's website or contact Sugaree's at 1-866-SUGAREE.

2. Receive your fundraising packet.

3. Set your product prices (minimum of $40 for cakes and $24 for dozen cupcakes) and pick-up date.

4. Start Selling!

5. One week before your pick-up date, contact Sugaree's with preliminary sales figures.

6. Keep selling (and making money!)

7. Call in your final order two days before pick up.

8. Pick-up and pay for your products.

9. Deliver products to your customers.

10.  Eat cake and enjoy the profits!

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Questions? Call us toll free: 1-866-SUGAREE (1-866-784-2733)