Sugaree's Bakery
Sugaree's Bakery
New Albany, MS

Sugaree’s Bakery is a small batch bakery in New Albany, Mississippi, dedicated to
the preservation of our culinary heritage in the Deep South.  Since 1997, we have been recreating flavors of the past with our classic, Southern layer cakes.  Focusing on depth of flavor, our aim is to make the richest, moistest homemade cakes available.


Do you remember how sweets tasted when you were a kid?  Sugaree’s brings those memories
to life every day.  Browning granulated sugar in an iron skillet to make the caramel icing,  
pouring hot butter glaze over thick layers of coconut cake, cooking some of the icings, and using the richest ingredients are just some of the ways we infuse our cakes with flavor.


Now you can have these homemade Mississippi cakes shipped directly to you or visit our retail store in historic downtown New Albany  to experience the flavors from your Southern childhood memories.  If you have lived in the South, you know no special occasion is complete without a caramel cake AND a coconut cake on the dessert table!

We appreciate your interest and look forward to seeing you soon.








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